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Quality Descaler Systems in Pearland, TX

All water contains some amount of dissolved minerals picked up from where it falls, seeps, or runs. Although any mineral can increase hardness, the most common ones found in water are calcium and magnesium. The more of these minerals water contains, the harder it is. Fresh water ranges from about 15 to 375 parts per million (ppm) of these minerals, whereas seawater is around 6630 ppm. According to the most recent municipal water quality report, Pearland, TX, has a water hardness rating of around 87.8, which is moderately high. It’s important to note, though, that hardness can vary from home to home, depending on your water source.

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Effects of Hard Water on Your Plumbing

Hard water prevents soap from doing its job. Soap breaks the surface tension of water, allowing the water molecules to more easily bond to food and dirt particles and wash them away. But hard water prevents this reaction from occurring, resulting in less lather and more soap scum; in fact, low soap lather is one of the easiest ways to identify hard water. The result is that you end up using more soap to do the same amount of laundry, dishes, or bathing.

Hard water also leaves those dissolved minerals behind when it evaporates or slows down. These tiny mineral deposits build up over time, leaving what is known as limescale on every surface the water touches. It is easiest to see limescale as whitish spots on your shower door or your glassware. Those spots may be annoying to clean, but the real problem is the mineral buildup in your plumbing and fixtures, which can corrode your pipes, cause clogs, and force your appliances to work harder to do the same job, shortening their useful lifespan.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat hard water, and save you money on soap and new plumbing.

Flow-Tech Max Anti-Scale System

Affordable Quality Plumbing is excited to be working with the new Flow-Tech MAX Anti-Scale System. This cutting-edge technology eliminates limescale in your pipes by emitting a low-frequency pulse throughout your entire plumbing system. This pulse, in turn, reverses the charge on the dissolved minerals in the water, causing them to form tiny crystals that can’t stick to your plumbing, fixtures, or glassware.

The best part about this technology is that it not only prevents future mineral buildup in your plumbing, it also breaks up existing mineral deposits!

The Flow-Tech MAX Anti-Scale System requires no chemicals, no upkeep, no maintenance, and just a tiny bit of electricity to keep your home limescale free. Once you have installed, it’s easy to read and make sure it’s working as intended. But the real results will be evident in the money you save on water usage, appliance efficiency and lifespan, and soap.

Traditional Water Descalers

Traditional water descaler systems work by filtering your water through a resin that exchanges calcium and magnesium for sodium, which doesn’t leave deposits. This whole-house system is time-tested and proven to prevent any further scale buildup on your dishes and in your appliances or pipes. The drawback is that you must add a special salt to the system to give the resin more sodium to work with.

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