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Water Filtration Systems in Pearland, TX

Water quality is one of the most important aspects of your health and safety, but you rarely give much thought to it when the water that comes out of your tap is most likely clear and tastes OK. Although modern water treatment does a great job of killing the parasites and contagions that live in natural water, there are still a lot of chemicals and minerals dissolved in that water when it arrives at your home.

According to the most recent water quality report for Pearland, TX, our water is pretty good. It contains acceptably low levels of pesticides; elements like arsenic, barium, and selenium; and heavy metals like lead and copper. But even if the minuscule levels of these toxins are low enough not to be dangerous, their presence can still affect your water and your plumbing.

Chemicals present in your drinking water, either from farm or industrial runoff or left over from the treatment process, can give your water an unpleasant chemical or metallic aftertaste. This can carry over to your morning cup of coffee, your evening dinner, and your child’s glass of ice water. Also, these tiny amounts of chemicals and minerals can, over time, oxidize and corrode your pipes and fixtures, which shortens their functional lives and adds even more chemical compounds to your drinking water.

Fortunately, Affordable Quality Plumbing in Pearland, TX, has several options to filter these impurities out of your water, leaving you with only fresh, clean drinking and bathing water.

glass of tap water

Point-Of-Use Water Filtration Systems

A point-of-use water filtration system is installed, as the name implies, right where the water comes out; typically, this is under the kitchen sink, where most of the water for consumption originates. Affordable Quality Plumbing offers different types of point-of-use systems, the most notable is the reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

A Reverse Osmosis water filtration system removes impurities such as lead, fluoride, chlorine and chloramine, pesticides, nitrates & sulfates, and more by household water pressure pushing water through a membrane and filters. This filtration process usually involves 4 to 5 stages to achieve clean filtered water. The unit installs under your sink and can store 2-4 gallons of fresh filtered water when needed.

Whole-House Water Filtration Systems

Point-of-use filtration systems do a great job of filtering the water for a single faucet, but they don’t do anything about the contaminants coming out of your shower, your bathroom faucet, or the pipes in your walls.

Fortunately, Affordable Quality Plumbing also installs whole-house carbon water filtration systems in homes throughout Pearland, TX, and beyond. Like the smaller systems, whole-house water filters use an activated carbon filter to screen out chemicals, minerals, and other contaminants. But unlike the smaller systems, whole-house units attach directly between your water main and your home. They filter and deliver it directly into your home’s plumbing. That means that every drop that comes out of your kitchen sink, bathroom faucet, water dispenser, ice maker, bar sink, or shower head is fresh and clean as water gets.

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