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Burst or Leaky Pipe Repair & Detection

If a pipe on your property starts to leak or bursts, you could end up with serious damage to your home or business. When you are in this situation, it is important that you do not try to investigate or make any repairs yourself. Instead, trust an experienced plumber in Pearland with the job. At Affordable Quality Plumbing, we provide tunneling services to find the pipe leak or break and restore it as quickly as possible.

man digging in ground

The Two Main Ways to Repair This Type of Issue with Your Pipes Include:

  • Breaking into the flooring from above, and then uncovering the slab
  • Creating a tunnel under the slab so your foundation is not broken, and then repairing the pipe from below

Tunneling under the slab is the better choice for a number of reasons, including that your home or business’ flooring is protected from unnecessary damage. Our company, which is backed by over 30 years of experience, can provide you with effective tunneling services in the Pearland or Houston area. Call us at 281-482-1900 to get started!

AQP’s Plumbing Services Are 100% Guaranteed

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