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Professional Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Sewer and drain pipe problems can cause damage to your home or yard, affect your daily routine, and even make areas of your home unusable until plumbing repairs are made. Affordable Quality Plumbing knows how important proper drainage is to your home—we offer comprehensive drain and sewer cleaning and repair, including video inspection and hydro-jet drain and sewer cleaning near Pearland, TX.

plumber working on sink pipes

Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Your home’s sewer line is a single relatively small drain pipe that handles all of the wastewater from your home. Thus, it can be vulnerable to certain types of problems that require prompt professional attention.

  • Over time, wear and tear affects your sewer line, just as it affects the rest of your plumbing. Mineral and organic buildup inside your sewer line can restrict the space through which water flows, leading to slow or clogged drains and sewage backups.
  • Tree roots are another common cause of sewer line leaks and clogs. Roots can infiltrate your sewer line in search of water, causing wastewater to leak into your lawn and eventually growing into a living clog that requires professional drain cleaning to address.
  • Flushing excess waste down your drains, rather than tossing it into a trash can, can increase the risk of clogged drains or a clogged sewer line. Large objects can either become clogs themselves, or set the stage to catch more material over time and build a clog that requires snaking or hydro-jetting to remove.

Sewer and drain line replacement demands an experienced technician to ensure lasting reliability and a sanitary environment. AQP technicians work quickly and efficiently so the job is done with minimal interference in your home. We will also do a thorough cleanup when the job is complete!

Gas Line Repair & Installation

Affordable Quality Plumbing technicians are specialists at solving your gas leak problems. Any gas leak is a real cause for concern. When you smell gas, call the experts at Affordable Quality Plumbing right away. Our licensed technicians can inspect, test, repair, or replace any gas line in your home or yard. We can also handle any gas line repair or installation, gas test, GTO, annual gas test, or safety inspection. Call us today to experience the AQP difference!

Water Line Repairs and Installation

Affordable Quality Plumbing technicians are specialists at repairing or replacing your broken or compromised water line.

Water line leaks are a big problem in the Pearland and Greater Houston Area. AQP can inspect your damaged water line and repair a leak at your water meter or replace your entire water line from the meter to the house. We are experts in water line repair and replacement and can make sure that your line is working properly.

Our Services

  • Sewer and drain line replacement to eliminate leaks and slow, noisy, or backed-up toilets, drains, and appliances.
  • Video camera inspection of clogged sewer lines and drains to find the exact cause of your sewer line problems and develop the best plan of action, with an upfront explanation of the time commitment and cost of the project before you agree.
  • Sewer cleaning, including snaking and high-pressure water jet cleaning, to remove buildup and obstructions for a healthy, long-lasting sewer line that can prevent the need for repair or replacement.
  • Services to eliminate obstructions in sewer lines
  • Troubleshooting and elimination of foul sewage odors that can make your home uncomfortable or affect your property value.

AQP’s Plumbing Services Are 100% Guaranteed

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