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Repiping: Frequently Asked Questions

Our AQP plumbers now offer AquaPex® repiping system for your Pearland home!

How Do I Know If My Home Needs a Repipe?

Signs that your home may need a repipe include consistently low water pressure, water discoloration and smells, and plumbing leaks in walls and ceilings.


How Long Will This Take?

The time it takes to do a total repipe is dependent upon the number of fixtures in the home and accessibility. Our technician will be able to give you a time frame after his initial inspection and assessment.


Signs of Failure

If you have gurgling noises in your toilet, water that drains very slowly, a sewer smell in or around your house, or if you see patches of your lawn that seem to be moving or sinking, it could be a sign that your sewer line is failing. If you see those signs, you should have the line inspected.


How Much Will This Cost? Do You Offer Free Estimates/Bids? Is There a Trip Charge?

The cost depends upon the number of fixtures in the home and accessibility. One of our repipe specialists can come to your home to provide a no-cost proposal and answer any questions regarding a repipe for your home. There is no trip charge and we offer upfront competitive pricing.


Do You Offer Financing?

Yes. AQP offers in-house financing for qualified customers. Call our office for details 281-482-1900.


What Kind of Piping Will You Use?

AQP uses Wirsbo AquaPex® Pex piping that resists corrosion, pitting and scaling. It retains more heat in hot-water lines and resists condensation on cold-water lines providing more energy efficiency. This piping can expand up to three times (3x) its diameter to help resist freeze damage. Plus, we insulate every pipe for added protection against possible freezing.


What Kind of Warranty Comes with This Repipe?

Uponor, Inc., the manufacturer of Wirsbo AquaPex® PEX water supply tubing, offers a twenty-five (25) year warranty against product defect and a ten(10) year limited warranty against remediation of damages caused by product defect. Warranties offered by the manufacturer are separate from the limited labor warranty offered by AQP. AQP does not make or offer any warranty relating to the manufacturing of the Wirsbo AquaPex® tubing.

Affordable Quality Plumbing (AQP) offers a five (5) year non-transferable warranty on the labor for the installation of the piping materials used to repipe the water system. AQP offers a one (1) year non-transferable labor warranty on the installation of faucets, fixtures, toilets, and water heaters furnished and installed by AQP in conjunction with the water system repipe. No warranty is made or offered on the installation of customer supplied parts. All labor warranties are made to the original purchaser and are non-transferable upon sale, transfer, gifting, foreclosure, forfeiture, seizure or death. Any modifications or repairs to the water piping system made by the homeowner or another contractor shall void the remaining labor warranty offered by AQP.


How Long Will I Be Without Water Once the Repiping Job Is Started?

You will have water available every day. We generally have the water off on one day from 4-8 hours during the transferring stage of your repipe.


Who Will Be Doing the Work?

A team of licensed, insured, expertly trained plumbers with vast experience and knowledge.


What Does Your Proposal Include?
  • Replacement of all pipes to existing fixtures.
  • New shut-off valves & hook-ups
  • Stub-outs on exterior of home
  • Fixture stub-outs made of copper
  • All lead-free brass connections
  • New hose bibs
  • Strap down and insulation of all pipes
  • ¾” main water supply lines in attic
  • ½” water supply lines to fixtures
  • Replacement of the main valve and water heater valve
  • Permit and inspection
  • Manufacturer’s 25-year product warranty
  • AQP 5-year Labor Warranty



What Do You Do to Protect My Home During This Process?

Our technicians are trained to respect and keep your home as clean as possible while working. They use coverings to protect your floors and furnishings. Also, they will clean the job site after each day. Upon completion, they will fully clean the work site and haul off all debris.

AQP’s Plumbing Services Are 100% Guaranteed

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