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Home Plumbing Exams for Future Home Purchases in Pearland, TX

Before buying an older home, among many precautions and checks to be made absolutely should be a home plumbing exam. At Affordable Quality Plumbing, we’re happy to properly examine any home you may be considering purchasing with tried and tested techniques. You don’t want to invest in a property that will cause you nothing but troubles down the line.

plumber working on sink

Pinpoint Exact Points of Erosion, Obstruction, and More

Many plumbing issues in homes are invisible to the naked eye. The condition of the drain pipes can negatively affect the house’s foundation in a significant way. Some cast iron pipes might look intact from the outside, but could be rusted and deteriorated inside. Damage from broken pipes can cause foundation failure by getting slabs wet, causing them to be stressed from moving in different directions due to poor soil conditions. Furthermore, broken pipes release water beneath the foundation, eroding away surround soil. This erosion creates voids that lead to future issues. Finally, with a shoddy foundation, sewage can potentially percolate in your yard or up through the foundation itself. Because of all these potential risks, we’re trained in the two different types of home plumbing exams.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

The camera inspection is what the majority of homebuyers choose. A small infrared camera is fed through the pipes to look for cracks and the overall condition. This affordable option uses state-of-the-art technology to get a better look at existing cleanouts, roof vents, toilet drains, and more. We can also identify exact locations of obstructions, breaks, stoppages, and deteriorated pipes, making it easier to fix them if that’s the route you’d like to proceed with.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Hydrostatic pressure tests look for leaks in the plumbing system by blocking the main sewer line and filling in water to specific areas. Any leaks or bursts will show the particular areas that need to be repaired or replaced. To pinpoint exact locations, isolation tests are then conducted. Hydrostatic pressure tests provide a more thorough examination of the house’s plumbing system, as leaks are nearly impossible to miss.

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