What to Look for in a New Water Heater

For the average household, water heating accounts for a significant portion of the monthly utility costs. For this reason, there are several important factors to keep in mind if you’re considering new water heater installation in Pearland, TX . The following are some of the things to look for in your new water heater:

chrome water faucet with steaming hot water

Proper Size

When selecting a new water heater, it’s critical to think about what size is right for your household. If you choose a model that is too large, then this can lead to wasted energy. On the other hand, selecting a water heater that is too small will leave you frustrated with your investment each time that you run out of hot water. For these reasons, proper size is a key feature to look for in a new water heater.

Better Efficiency

Because water heating is responsible for a significant portion of your utility bills, it’s important to consider energy efficiency when purchasing a unit. This can be simpler to do after familiarizing yourself with the different types of water heaters that are available. Before going ahead with new water heater installation, be sure that you select a unit that will provide your family with enough hot water while functioning efficiently.

Ideal Type

You have several options to consider when it comes to water heater varieties. Storage water heaters are common in homes and have a relatively low purchase cost, but they suffer from standby heat loss because they keep the tank’s water heated at all times. This is one of the reasons why some homeowners choose to switch to a tankless water heater. Sometimes referred to as on-demand water heaters, tankless water heaters only heat water as it is needed.

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The Benefits of Repiping Your Home

Your home’s plumbing plays a critical role in the everyday function of your home, allowing your family to perform activities like cooking, cleaning, and bathing with convenience. However, problems with your plumbing can damage your property and lead to other issues, so there are several reasons why you might benefit from calling a repiping specialist in Pearland, TX .

If you have water pressure problems, then this can indicate that there is an issue with your plumbing that might be resolved through repiping. Also, plumbing leaks can lead to water damage and mold growth and are clear signs that the pipes may need to be replaced. Finally, old pipes can cause water to smell strange or take on rusty colors. In this case, repiping can be an excellent way to improve your home’s water quality. Repiping can also improve your plumbing’s energy efficiency by retaining more heat in hot water lines. Finally, repiping can provide you with plumbing that is more resistant to freeze damage, potentially preventing costly repairs in the winter. Call the repipe specialists at Affordable Quality Plumbing for more information and a no-cost proposal/estimate.

Repiping Experts

Problems Associated with Water Scale

Is there white film or buildup on your faucets, dishes, or shower doors? If so, then these are signs of a hard water problem. Hard water is found throughout the country and is associated with several problems. The following are a few reasons why many homeowners install anti-scale systems to help prevent the need for services like pipe descaling in Pearland, TX .

old scale buildup in pipe joints

Decreased Equipment Life

Hard water is caused by calcium and magnesium that rainwater absorbs after falling to the ground. Hard water causes mineral deposits to develop anywhere that the water flows, and this includes your appliances that use water, such as your dishwasher or water heater. For this reason, water scale can decrease the longevity of your home’s appliances, fixtures, and plumbing.

Increased Energy Costs

In addition to shortening the lifespan of your home’s appliances, water scale can also reduce the efficiency of these units. When calcium and magnesium accumulate inside of the equipment, this causes them to work harder to perform their function and prevents them from running efficiently. Water heaters are particularly vulnerable to the detrimental effects of water scale. When you have hard water, the calcium and magnesium precipitates out of the water and adheres to the unit’s heat exchanger. This process causes lime scale buildup that can result in significant amounts of efficiency loss. When your appliances must work harder to do their jobs, this forces them to use more energy, which can lead to higher utility bills.

Poor Water Quality

When your home’s water is hard, this can cause several other issues in addition to decreased equipment efficiency and lifespan. First, it’s more difficult to keep sinks, showers, bathtubs, and similar surfaces clean and free of hard water scale. Also, getting your dishes sparkling clean can be difficult, and bathing in hard water can cause skin irritation in some individuals. For these reasons, it makes sense to install a hard water treatment system if you’re dealing with water scale in your home.

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Benefits of Uponor PEX Tubing for Repipe Solutions

When you are gearing up for a repiping project in your home, you may want to explore the benefits of Uponor PEX tubing. In this video, you will take a look at the many advantages that Uponor PEX tubing has to offer you. By choosing Uponor PEX tubing, you can rest assured that your pipes will be flexible and ready for any application. With its fantastic shape memory, this type of PEX repiping can be adjusted to fit in areas throughout the home. The repipe specialists at Affordable Quality Plumbing (AQP) offer repiping near Pearland and can answer any questions that you may have about the benefits of Upnor PEX products.

Once you have decided that you are ready to embark on a repiping project, you will want to trust your services to the AQP team of experienced professionals. The AQP team can help you choose the right repiping materials, and they can also install your new pipes.

Common Contaminants in Tap Water

Whether you are installing a new plumbing system in your home, or you are planning a new construction project, you may want to ask your plumber to install a whole home water filter in your residence. While all forms of tap water naturally contain minerals and other substances, harmful contaminants can be hazardous to the health of everyone in your family. Affordable Quality Plumbing serving Pearland will be able to help you choose and install a water filtration system that improves the quality of your home’s water supply. To highlight the importance of filtering your water, here is a look at some of the most common contaminants that may be found in your tap water.

contaminated water glass and pure water glass


Lead is a dreaded contaminant in the drinking water supply of a home. Contact with lead has been linked to serious health problems in both adults and children. To protect your family from the dangers of lead poisoning, you should be sure to have your water tested at regular intervals. Older plumbing systems may have pipes that contain traces of lead.


Depending on the source of your home’s drinking water, your tap water supply could be contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals. When farmers use pesticides on their crops, these harmful chemicals can run off into the municipal water supply. If you are concerned that you or your family members may be exposed to trace amounts of pesticides through your drinking water, you should be sure to invest in a water filtration system.


THM’s or Trihalomethanes are disinfection by-products and can be harmful to your health in more ways than most people may realize. Did you know that taking a 10-minute shower in unfiltered water may be more hazardous to your health than drinking 1 liter of the unfiltered water in 10 minutes? ¹

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Our Values at Affordable Quality Plumbing

When you are seeking a top-rated plumber serving Pearland, look no further than Affordable Quality Plumbing (AQP) For more than two decades, we have been pleased to provide our customers with the best plumbing services available. Our plumbing company is dedicated to a core set of values that guide all of our projects and services. By sticking to our values, we are able to guarantee that our customers have a great experience when they work with us.

At Affordable Quality Plumbing, our core values are centered on the satisfaction of our customers. We offer upfront pricing, and we also back all of our work with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. To ensure that we are able to provide the best services possible, our licensed plumbers take ongoing training and maintain their certifications. Overall, you can rest assured that we will take the time to solve your plumbing problem(s) with high-quality materials/parts using the latest techniques in the plumbing industry.

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Signs of a Failing Water Heater

Whenever you turn on the water faucet, your hot water heater is responsible for delivering hot water directly to the tap. From bathroom plumbing fixtures to washing machines and more, hot water heaters are an integral part of nearly every plumbing system throughout the home. In the event that your electric or gas water heater goes out, you will want to hire a plumbing company that specializes in water heater installation . A quality water heater installation near Pearland will ensure that you are not left without hot water for all your use. To help you predict when it is time to invest in a new water heater, here are some indicators that your water heater is about to fail.

repairing a water heater

Problems With Water Temperature

When you are determining whether your water heater is going to need replacement, you should start by evaluating your water temperature. If your water is consistently too hot or too cold, this could indicate an issue with the heating element in your water heater. By replacing your water heater, you can ensure that your water is at the correct temperature when it flows out of the tap.

More Noise Than Usual

Over the years, you have probably gotten accustomed to the typical noises that are produced by your water heater. In the event that your water heater starts to make more noise than usual, this is a good indication that your heater is ready for a replacement. Some warning noises include clangs, bangs, and whines, which all signify serious water heater maintenance issues.

Poor Water Quality

The water flowing out of your tap should be clear, clean, and ready to use. When your hot water starts to turn a brownish, rusty color, this is an indication that you may be ready to replace your unit. A water heater that is about to go out may contaminate your hot water supply with rusty sediment. With a brand new water heater, you will enjoy fresh, clean hot water for your everyday needs. The water heater specialists at Affordable Quality Plumbing can discuss your options in water heaters and answer your questions to help you make an informed decision about water heater replacement.

Common Causes of Sink Clogs

Are you dealing with a backup in your sink’s plumbing in Pearland, TX ? Among the most common causes of clogged drains are roots, long hair, and lipids. Long hair causes clogs by snagging on debris and soap scum in the plumbing system eventually blocking water flow. Grease and oil work in a similar way by coating the sides of the pipes causing debris to stick instead of flushing through.

Watch this video to learn more about common causes of clogs. Tree roots are attracted to plumbing because they sense the water and grow towards it. If a small root makes its way inside the pipe, it can grow and cause the pipe to clog or even break. Roots can also cause the pipeline to sag downward and prevent the waste water from draining properly. The best way to keep your plumbing in good shape is to schedule routine maintenance. The drain specialists at Affordable Quality Plumbing can provide solution(s) for clogged drain(s) and get your system running smoothly.

History of the Flushing Toilet: Evolution of “The Crapper Flush Toilet”

When your toilet is functioning properly, this adds a significant level of convenience to your home. If you’ve ever had to call a plumber in Pearland, TX for toilet repair or replacement, then you may have found yourself wondering how toilets came to be developed. Continue reading to learn about the evolution of flushing toilets. old wooden outhouse

Early Toilets

It is believed that the first human waste management systems that had flushing features were developed in Minoan Crete around 2800 BC. Artifacts suggest that a trough system was used that involved flowing water and a handle release mechanism. With the growth of other civilizations, many cities had toilets as part of their public bathhouses. As waste management systems continued to advance, the improved processes had a profound effect on the living standards and health of communities. Improved waste control technology allowed for the separation of drinking water and waste management systems, reducing the occurrence of diseases like cholera.

John Harrington

In late 1500s England, a major advance in toilet technology came about. Credited with inventing the first modern, indoor flushing mechanism, John Harrington (1560-1612) perfected the device as a gift to his godmother, Queen Elizabeth I of England. He installed the first indoor flushing toilet with this gift. In the following centuries, sewage systems continued to advance in many urban areas in the United States and Europe paving the way for the use of more indoor flushing toilets.

Thomas Crapper

A highly successful and famous English plumber, Thomas Crapper (1837-1910) specialized in providing people with plumbing fixtures that were up to date and better performing. Crapper’s company installed and maintained flushing toilets along with other modern plumbing systems and, in time, his name became synonymous with these new toilets. When millions of American troops were shipped to France and England during World War I, many had their first chance to see and use these flushing toilets. At this time, most people were still using latrines, outhouses, and similar systems. So, when these troops returned home, they told their friends and family about the flushing toilet which they had dubbed a “crapper.”

Over the years, “The Crapper” toilet has evolved into very decorative and innovative toilets. Call Affordable Quality Plumbing for all your toilet repairs or replacement(s).

A Look at Our Repair and Installation Specialties

At Affordable Quality Plumbing (AQP ), our goal is to provide you with reliable,quality plumbing in Pearland, TX. We have more than 28 years of experience and give a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. Customer Service is our number one priority and our reviews reflect the service we deliver. Our technicians are licensed, experienced, and highly-trained plumbers who love their work and take pride in helping others with their plumbing issues.

We offer a broad range of plumbing services to help keep your home functional, convenient, and efficient. Among our repair and installation specialties are water filtration systems, bathroom and kitchen plumbing, gas line repairs, and sewer line repair and replacement. We also specialize in repiping, water heater repair and installation, high-pressure water jetting, and under slab tunneling.

Are you considering an outdoor kitchen or fire pit for your outdoor entertainment and enjoyment? Call AQP to help with the plumbing involved to run a gas line to your fire pit or water line to an outdoor sink. AQP can also help improve the drainage on your property if your yard consistently has soggy areas after rainfall by installing French Drains.

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