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There was a time when galvanized water pipes in Pearland, TX were a go-to option for plumbing material. However, we’ve come to realize that these pipes are not ideal for your plumbing systems and can cause real problems. As people catch on to these problems, they seek repiping to remedy them. It’s helpful to know what kinds of issues to look for so you can easily keep your plumbing system in top shape. Here are a few facts that you should know about galvanized pipes:

What They Are

Galvanized steel pipes were frequently used in plumbing systems thanks to their affordability, durability, and ease of use. Steel will rust in the presence of moisture, but galvanizing it with zinc could preserve it. This was considered a safe and effective practice because zinc is not harmful to humans when ingested in small quantities. These galvanized pipes could be used in plumbing systems because they protected against corrosion and were seemingly harmless for humans. Unfortunately, the erosion of the zinc used for galvanizing would become a problem.

Why They’re Disappearing

While it’s true that zinc can protect steel from erosion, the zinc itself is vulnerable, as well. The more moisture running through your plumbing system, the faster the zinc will erode. When the protective layer of zinc erodes, the pipes once again become susceptible to corrosion, and this can cause obstructions in your system. This makes it more difficult for water to move through your pipes, which can cause backups, clogs, and a wide array of other plumbing problems. Copper piping doesn’t present this problem, which is why it is no longer customary to use galvanized steel pipes.

Problems to Look Out For

An easy way to tell if you’re in need of repiping is by checking the flow of water from your faucets. If you notice that it’s been taking longer to fill up your bathtub or a glass of water in the sink, you could be dealing with problems due to your galvanized piping. When this is the case, talk to your plumber about repiping options.

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