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Some people have hard water in their homes, which means that the water contains high levels of minerals that can cause scale buildup. Modern pipe descaling in Pearland, TX no longer relies exclusively on traditional water softeners. Check out this video on the benefits and features of the revolutionary Flow-Tech Anti-Scale System.

Hard water, which is full of calcium and magnesium, tends to build up in pipes, water-using appliances and fixtures, and even dishes and glassware. This can chip away at your home’s plumbing efficiency, costing you more and more money over time. Flow-Tech keeps calcium and magnesium molecules from building up the scale, and it does so without wasting any water. These minerals become harmless in your drinking water, without the use of chemicals or salts. Many homeowners are also pleased that the Flow-Tech Anti-Scale System takes up such a small amount of space, which is in contrast to more traditional water softeners.

For more information and a no-cost proposal on a Flow-Tech Anti-Scale System for your home, call Affordable Quality Plumbing. The certified team of Flow-Tech specialists can help you with a great solution for your home’s scale issues.

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