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A plumbing leak in Pearland, TX can be a serious issue no matter how big or small it is in your home. A tiny trickle coming from your kitchen faucet might be the result of a worn-out washer or similarly small problem, and you might be able to take care of it yourself. More severe leaks, on the other hand, might require repiping services. Your professional plumbing service can restore your plumbing and protect you from an array of problems with this type of service. Continue reading to see how Affordable Quality Plumbing (AQP) residential repiping services can address the leaks in your home and improve your household.

Lack of efficiency, inconsistent water pressure, and water damage are just a few problems that plumbing leaks can present. The repipe specialists at AQP offer solutions for these issues by equipping your home with new Uponor AquaPex durable pipes. These pipes resist corrosion, retain more heat in hot water lines, expand up to 3x their diameter to resist freezing damage and carry a 25-year manufacturer product warranty. With dedicated lines to each fixture in your home, you can also enjoy the convenience of a shut-off valve for each of these fixtures.

large plumbing leak in wall ceiling

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