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When it comes to caring for your home, the quality of your plumbing services matters. At Affordable Quality Plumbing, we offer quality plumbing solutions that include water heater installation, faucet and toilet repair, and drain cleaning in Pearland, TX. Whether you have questions about your water quality, need to deal with a leaky faucet, or are considering repiping an older home, our knowledgeable plumbing experts are here to help.

The plumbing services we offer include the following:

  • Kitchen repairs: We perform installations, repairs, and maintenance for various types of kitchen plumbing fixtures and appliances, such as sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, drains, and more. If you are experiencing any difficulty with these things, you can rely on us to get to the bottom of your plumbing issue and repair it quickly.
  • Bathroom repairs: If any of the fixtures in your bathroom are leaking or broken (such as the toilet, sink, tub, or shower), we can offer you our effective repair or replacement plumbing services. When we arrive for service, we are professional, reliable, and punctual.
  • Gas line repairs: When your gas line has become damaged, our plumbing team can help. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, so they are well-equipped to repair and replace various types of water and gas lines.
  • Sewer Line Repair & Replacement: When drains and sewer lines have become clogged, they can cause serious issues with your plumbing system. We use mechanical drain snaking and hydro-jetting drain lines to handle clogs and backups. We offer same-day service!
  • Repiping:If you have galvanized or polybutylene pipes in your home, over time these pipes can deteriorate, corrode, or crack causing leaks and unnecessary water damage to your home. Some signs that your home may need repiping include rusty-colored water, low water pressure, leaks in the plumbing system, and mineral deposits and build-up in the pipes from hard water. The repipe specialists at Affordable Quality Plumbing can help you with your repiping needs!
  • High-pressure water jetting: One of the most effective ways to clear out clogged sewer lines and drains is with high-pressure water jetting. We can use this service to clean drains, descale pipes, clear out backups, and remove large blockages in the sewer line.
  • Under Slab Tunneling: If you are experiencing a leak or other pipe problem under the slab of your foundation, one of the most effective ways to repair the problem(s) is to tunnel underneath the foundation so the pipe can be accessed from below. This option avoids breaking through the foundation.
  • French Drains:If your yard is consistently soggy after rainfall, it may be time to consider installing a French Drainage System to move the water away from the affected areas. Standing water around your home can affect its foundation, vegetation, and overall aesthetics of the home. Call the drainage specialists at Affordable Quality Plumbing to discuss solutions and answer your questions.

Factors That Affect Your Water Quality

Maintaining high water quality in your home is important for many reasons. Fresh, clean water is not only better-tasting and more effective for bathing and cleaning, it is also healthier and will protect your plumbing and your water-using appliances as well. Your kitchen and bathroom, in particular, are significantly affected by the quality of your home’s water—poor-quality water will require more frequent plumbing repairs in these spaces, which are the greatest water-using areas of the home.

  • Water hardness refers to the amount of dissolved minerals in your incoming water. Although you have no control over your water hardness, you can take steps to treat your water to avoid the issues that arise from hard water.
  • The condition of your plumbing can also affect your water quality. Old, deteriorating pipes or a water heater suffering from significant scale buildup can contribute rust and other minerals to your water, affecting its appearance, smell, and taste.

Three Signs Your Water Heater Needs Attention

When you open a hot water tap, you expect the swift and consistent delivery of hot water. A damaged or failing water heater can increase your home’s energy bills and affect your everyday comfort and convenience. Depending on the age and condition of your water heater, your plumber can help you decide whether water heater repair or new water heater installation will solve the issue.

  1. Inconsistent hot water or water that isn’t hot enough is a sign that your water heater may be suffering from a damaged, dirty, or failing heating element.
  2. Loud banging noises when your water heater activates is often a signal of mineral buildup inside the tank. This buildup must be addressed to prevent corrosion of the tank, which will require you to purchase a new water heater.
  3. Rising energy bills without a corresponding change in home energy consumption may indicate a loss of efficiency in your water heater. Your plumber can perform an inspection to determine whether maintenance, repair, or replacement is the best way to reduce your energy bills.

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